How To Make A Lawn Mower Run Faster

Are you looking to turn your lawn mower into a high-speed, high-performing machine?

Before getting started, you should be made aware that after you turn your lawnmower into a racing mower, you’re going to need to be extra careful while you operate it.

Remember that a lawnmower engine has certain safety features so riding it faster than it was originally intended to go may wear the engine out faster. For this reason, be careful, and don’t ride too fast. The point to understand here is lawn mowers are not really built for speed, so just be careful once you do.

Now we’ll go through the basic technical aspects of turning your mower into a high-speed machine. This is a transition, not all lawn mowers will be suited for. Using an unsuitable model will not only break the mower but could also lead to serious bodily injury. So, having said all that what follows is the information you need to convert your mower.

Here’s The Process For Making Your Mower Faster:

  1. To get maximum airflow over your engine, you can completely remove the bolts that are holding the hood in place.
  2. Inspect the mowers muffler to ensure there are no holes or cracks. If your muffler does have holes in it, this will lead to a reduction in speed capabilities.
  3. Identify and remove the governor on your mower’s engine. Not removing it will result in reducing engine speed, which will of course also lead to the reduced speed of your lawn mower.
  4. To remove the governor, you’ll need a wrench to remove the flywheel housing. Once it has been removed, don’t forget to put the housing cover back in place.

More Tips To Increase Mower Speed

  • Since you’re increasing the speed at which you mow you should make sure that your blades are super sharp, so the grass is cut easily. It will also make moving around easier and help eliminate the need for double passing over the area you’re cutting.
  • Fill your gas tank with clean gasoline of 92 octane or higher. This will help your engine run much smoother and much more efficiently than lower octane fuel.
  • Keep the mower’s tires clean and well inflated.
  • Make sure your mower is in tip top shape by keeping it well maintained.
  • Do not over cut your lawn. This might mean more frequent cutting for you but the amount of time it takes you to cut will be shorter. It also gives your grass a chance to grow to a length that is easier to mow.
  • Arrange your mowing pattern so you go in longer straight lines as much as possible.

A fast lawn mower will give you many benefits. One of the best of all of them is you’ll be able to mow larger areas faster.

A lawnmower is an essential piece of equipment for most homeowners. I hope these tips to help you make your lawnmower faster help you to have a well-maintained lawn in less time.

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