Can A Lawn Mower Be Waterproof?

Lots of homeowners have the same question, and that question is, are lawnmowers waterproof?

Although they will usually not be mowing the lawn in the rain, it’s still something many of them wonder about. Most of the concern comes from wondering if the mowing grass that may be a little wet can or will harm their lawnmower.

This is especially an issue for those who water their lawns frequently knowing it’s not always easy to coordinate the sprinkler schedule with their mowing schedule.

Since grass tends to retain moisture, it’s probably not a huge deal but if a homeowner can purchase a lawnmower that is water-resistant it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Water Resistant Lawn Mowers

You should understand up front that no lawnmower is completely waterproof. This is true with just about any piece of machinery such as a lawnmower. As a rule when you hear the term waterproof what’s really meant is water-resistant.

Most machinery, even those that are marketed as waterproof, can still be damaged if exposed to large quantities of water. They tend to vary widely as to their water resistance capacity. However, very few are what could be termed waterproof.

Some lawn mowers so come with covers that have been specially designed to protect them from a wide variety of hazards. This includes water. In some cases, these types of protective covers must be purchased separately, and be aware they are not one size fits all units. You’ll need to be sure you purchase the right type of cover for the specific lawnmower you have.

A lawnmower not being waterproof does not mean it can’t be cleaned by using water. Just be sure to let the engine cool before shooting cold water onto it. As far as the moisture you might encounter from mowing the grass it is usually not a problem for your mower.

Unless the grass you’re mowing is truly soaked, or the ground flooded there should be no problems. If you’re really concerned, this is where you might consider purchasing a lawn mower cover. If the mowing of wet grass was really something that caused major problems for lawn mowers they wouldn’t be able to be used at all as more often than not, there’s moisture associated with cutting the grass. Especially for those who choose to mow in the morning.

The simple solution is to avoid mowing during the wettest time of the mowing season.

Other than that using a lawn mower cover can probably solve almost any other issue you might face concerning water and mowing.

Most mowers while maybe not waterproof can be considered water-resistant and can handle a reasonable amount of moisture.

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