How To Charge A Lawn Mower Battery

The battery is probably the most important part of a riding mower. I say this because without it there is no way to start your mower.  This is why battery maintenance is so important, and this is especially true when it comes to storing it for extended periods of time.

As your riding mower ages, your battery may begin to lose its charge. Your initial response to this might be to look into replacing the dying battery, but before you replace it, you might want to look into finding out if it can be recharged.

Battery Charging Time

Customarily lawn mower batteries charge at a rate of 10amps for about an hour. It’s important to maintain this standard as it’s safe for the battery to do so. This goes for both charging times and charging amps.

Changing Your Lawn Mower Battery

First, you want to make sure your chargers set Volt is at 12volts.

  • Now you want to locate your battery. For most riding mowers you’ll find it under the seat, if not refer to the user’s manual for its location
  • Next, disconnect the battery cables. You may need to use pliers for this
  • Move your battery charger near an outlet and go ahead and plug it in
  • Ensure that the charger’s red lead is connected to the positive terminal
  • With the black or negative lead, you have the option of connecting it to the battery negative terminal or the lawn mowers frame
  • An important bit of information to know is your battery’s voltage. Most use a 6 volt, but a few will have a 12-volt battery
  • Set your charger to use the trickle charge setting and don’t forget to set it to the voltage that’s appropriate for your specific situation.
  • Allow it to charge for the appropriate amount of time, as noted in your owner’s manual. While on the trickle setting most batteries require between 4 and 8 hours to charge fully. For the sake of safety, and to avoid battery damage do not over charge.
  • After charging is complete, it’s time to reconnect the battery’s cables to your lawn mower and start the mower. After you have it running, then you can disconnect the jumper cables.

To conclude this article, it’s good to know that you can extend the life of your lawn mower battery when it’s fully charged. This is especially true when it’s stored for extended periods.

You should keep in mind jump starting a battery is dangerous, and you should wear gloves and some eye protection when working with them to avoid injury.

Avoid damaging your battery by always being sure to connect the proper terminal posts. Not doing so is extremely dangerous as it could lead to having your battery explode. This is a situation you want to avoid.

Always use a well-ventilated area when charging a battery, as they have been known to release gasses while charging. It’s a good practice to make yourself knowledgeable about the type of battery you’ll be working with before starting by reading the owner’s manual.

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